A Birthday in Budapest, by Will

A Birthday in Budapest

A few days ago was August 31and my brother’s birthday!  I woke up and saw my bro’s rear stickin’ in the air.  You don’t get that opportunity every day.  Twelve “birthday spankings” flew home!  Today was his 12th birthday so he received 48 (because there are five of us but Mom broke her hand)! Then after we successfully handed out the spankings we ate breakfast. Then, we hit the road to go to ……………..church!  The church was the first church to have English (and Hungarian) songs!  After the last song, we (I) found a forint.  I wanted to know how much it was worth and the answer was half a penny!  So I was still in shock when we arrived at one of the most popular tourist attractions:  THE.BATHS.  If you don’t know what it is you are missing out BIG-TIME.  The baths are a variety of different types of bath for example:

1 The fun bath. The fun bath is a massive pool with a whirlpool and small jet of water.

2 The relaxing pool. A pool that is hot and soothing.

fun fact.  The baths are built upon 170 degree water (they cool it down though).

3 The lap pool. A pool that is made for laps and people with swimming hats.

fun fact.  The baths have two types of saunas.

4 Wet sauna.  A place so moist, I wanted a gas mask.

5 Dry sauna.  A rather hot room.

fun fact.  I find it hard to find fresh air in a sauna.

Once we explored most of the pools, we went home to watch the winter solider. Creepy PG 13 for a reason, but I like it.  After demolishing the cake, we went to bed.  What a day:)

7 thoughts on “A Birthday in Budapest, by Will”

  1. Great story. The next time your “bro’s rear (is) stick in’ in the air”‘ feel free to give him 12 “birthday spankings” from me.

  2. Take good notes Will!!! We are ready to check these out! Glad you got to keep your tradition… We will love helping you with that when we see you!

  3. Great descriptions of all the different baths. So glad you got to try them and are enjoying your family adventure. Looking forward to reading more blogs from you.

  4. I had a massage at the Baths about 20 years ago by a BIG husky lady, but didn’t explore the pools as I had nobody to play with so thanks for sharing. I didn’t realize it was so big.

  5. Will, you could be a child journalist!!!! I loved reading both of your posts. Your writing has a unique “voice” and details. I like that I can get a good idea of how your 10 year old brain works in just a few sentences. I learned a lot about both your brothers sore little booty and hungarian baths. Those sound like my dream come true (the baths that is) … sometimes I visit a Korean Spa back here in Virginia. It is a very large building with a huge pool area and lots of difference sauna rooms.. both dry and misty. Once I was in the misty kind, with all the steam, and i struck up a conversation with a woman in the room with me. I was expecting to have a short, friendly chat… but she started pouring her whole life story out to me. I think she was in need of a friend. Before I knew it, we had been in there long after the physician’s recommend time as posted on the front of the door, and i was dripping with sweat. But what could I do?? She was in the middle of a very intense part of her life story regarding her teenage son! So. To echo your fun fact. I too find it difficult to breath fresh air in a sauna after a while. But – my skin looked great for weeks!!

    I read the blog every day to get a glimpse of my favorite family! so keep up the writing… loved every word of it.

    love you!

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