I was born on March 27, 2004.  I am ten years old and currently on a trip around the world.  I am most excited to go to the Spanish Riding School in Vienna and the Parthenon in Greece.  My favorite animals are horses and hamsters.  I have a sister named Camille and two brothers named Luke and Will.  I am a triplet and also an identical twin.  My favorite food is mashed potatoes.  I enjoy ballet, soccer and horseback riding.  I have taken ballet for seven years.  I have been in various Nutcrackers and other recitals.  I enjoy traveling and reading Harry Potter, Rick Riordan, John Flannagan, J.R.R Tolkien and CS Lewis.  My favorite movies are the Lord of the Rings series and the Hobbit.  My family and I have a dog named Samwise Gamgee Mesquit from the Lord of the Rings, Samwise for short.  I used to have a hamster named Artemis but it died recently. I am looking forward to our big adventure around the world.

9 thoughts on “Ana”

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the picture of you hiking in Bavaria! Looking forward to reading your account of your visit to the Spanish Riding School.

  2. Beautiful picture Ana. I’d love to join you on that trail! Are you reading electronic books on your travels? If so, what device or method are you using? We love you

  3. HI Ana!! I really like that picture of you with the mountains in the background. You look like one of the Von Trap children! Have you seen sound of music? Speaking of movies… i am so impressed with your quality of interests. I think when i was 10 I was only interested in movies about princesses. When I was a teenager, I went with my dad to see The Lord of the Rings in the theater. We got skittles, sprite, and a huge thing of popcorn. I was confused as to why my dad got such a large bucket because it was just the two of us and I knew we couldn’t finish it all. But I didn’t mention it and just found my seat and started watching the movie…. during a very scary (for me) part, my dad put the bucket in my lap. I found the whole movie incredibly intense and, honestly, frightening. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and even closed my eyes for a bunch of parts (remember i was in high school… so i shouldn’t have been so scared). At the end of the movie, i took a deep breath, finally relaxed my shoulders, and looked down at the half full popcorn bucket to find I had crunched it down into a ball. I started tell my dad i was sorry for crunching all the popcorn, but he said “why else do you think i got such a huge bucket!?” haha – he knew i would need something to grip. =)

    Daddies are the best aren’t they ….

    Can’t wait to see all your adventures!!!!!
    love you!

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