Ana’s bee sting!

My dad decided it would be nice to take a run in the evening sun in a small town in the Czech Republic.  We had just started up a steady pace when we reached the tree my dad had said to turn around at.  He always likes to face traffic as we run so that meant that we crossed the road and started running back on the other side when dad had just started a conversation about what our favorite days have been.  I decided the Demel chocolate factory was a really tasty day in Vienna because I got to buy a big bar of chocolate to munch on.  I started thinking about other fun days that we had done when suddenly there was a searing pain from my eyelid.    I screeched in pain as I pulled a squirming bee from under my eyelid. Luke’s remark “ she started crying and cried the whole way home.” My dad said there was a small blood mark where the bee had stung me twice.  It sounds like I was being a baby but it truly did hurt I mean the bee actually was flying at me and I felt it directly below my eyelid.  I closed my eyelid and it got stuck between my eyelid and my cheek and had a massive fight with my eyelid.  Dad started saying that I was “Ana the eyelid bee crusher.”  Finally we rounded the corner and building 66 was there.  That building was the building that we were staying in.  My mom told me to put a ice pack on it but the problem was — well it really wasn’t a problem at all — it’s just that I hate having that cold wet surface up against my skin. Just above my eye, my bee sting started to swell really bad.  It almost felt like it was bruised.  Later that night I ate dinner and went to bed.  It felt so weird sleeping with a puffy eye.  Sunlight came through the windows and I woke up only to find that my eye lid felt very strange, not like yesterday. I walked into the kitchen and… “AAAAAHHHHH!” my mom screeched when she saw. I had no idea why.  Slowly but steadily,  I moved out of the room to go find the nearest mirror.  I almost screamed that the swelling had totally moved from above my eye to below it and it was a lot more puffy.



In the end my eye got back to normal and that concludes our story for the day!


3 thoughts on “Ana’s bee sting!”

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