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Oh Mickey, you’re so fine…

—-catching you up on some of our recent adventures since I am just getting the blog up and running—

Orlando  (May 27 – June 5)

Mickey, you busy mouse, are all those parks a personal challenge?

We booked a condo in Orlando as a part of a “we’ve retired from the Air Force” celebration.  The 4-day Disney parkhopper pass was a tremendous  benefit from the good people at Disney.  I s’pose we did take the parkhopper as a personal challenge. 

Here’s a picture of us leaving the Magic Kingdom approaching midnight. The peeps were doing well to pose for this one as we were deep in the hunt for a frozen lemonade.  We’d promised them one and as it got late the vendors began to close up.  The MK (as the great sites like undercover tourist call it) was open to one in the morning this day!  We did find a frozen lemonade as we left the park and all was right with the world.  Notice in the shot that Lisa and I were ready to hit the sack.