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I was born March 27, 2004, in Bethesda, Maryland.  I have three siblings—Luke, Will and Ana.  Two of which, I am triplets with—Ana and Will.  I am also an identical twin with Ana.  We share toys, play together and are interested in much of the same things.  Being a kid, like most kids, I like to read interesting, adventurous, fast-moving stories that I can get through in no time and still remember them.  The stories I read are Percy Jackson, Ranger’s Apprentice, Harry Potter and many more series that interest kids like me.  Being a military child, I moved all over.  My favorite places I’ve lived are Colorado (because of our huge house and the friendly people) and New Jersey (where I met lots of friends).  My very first pet was my dog, Samwise.  Soon I bought Joey the hamster.  He was mean.  He would bite till he drew blood, he probably thought he was a large animal but he was a dwarf hamster.  And that was it with hamsters.  Normally, I am judged as obsessed with horses but that is true.  I just love horses, they are beautiful animals.  This year, 2014, I and my family will travel the world for a year and we will have a blast.  I am looking forward to the Spanish Riding School in Vienna and the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

6 thoughts on “Camille”

  1. I am sure that you have already seen the horses… They were amazing, right? Eva and my favorite jump was the Capriole. It looked like the horse was flying. He just needed wings and a single horn on his forhead and then he would have been perfect! ;) See you soon.

  2. It was great to read your blog about your life and interests. Am looking forward to reading about your visit to the Spanish Riding School.

  3. You’ll be able to fit all those great stories in a backpack and because the horses won’t fit, you can keep a journal of those adventures. I can’t wait to hear about the Riding School. We love you

  4. Hi Camille! I loved reading this post and hearing about all your interests. I laughed out loud when I read about your hamster. Growing up, we always had hamsters because it was the only animal my mom would let in the house. One of our hamsters figured out how to open the gate of his cage and he would escape into the heat radiator vents in our room. (they weren’t the kind you are used to … they were long pipes at the base of the wall on the floor) We would wake up hearing his scratching and then spend the next few hours getting him out. I think we did this at least 10 times…. one time we had to vacuum him out!! I can’t believe he survived for as long as he did. And then i had another hamster named “teddy bear” who was boy but i called him a girl. and he was so depressed the he would run to the corner of the cage every time you got near him. He finally went on a hunger strike and died. Then I had another one who got bit by a spider!! it was terrible. anyways…. I just kept trying to be a good hamster owner, but it always ended in tragedy. Im sorry yours was mean, but I am glad you figured out that they weren’t a good fit. I wish I was that wise at your age.

    I love seeing your adventures!!! I miss you all very much – I sure love me some Mesquits.

    love you!

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