Birthday dinner for my girl!



I’ve got one amazing girl and am so grateful we were able to get out to her belated birthday dinner tonight!

The kids are flying Ryan Air to Ireland by themselves tonight and we’ll be catching up.  No worries, they’ve got their Kindles.  Man, they’re good travelers!

4 thoughts on “Birthday dinner for my girl!”

  1. Happy birthday once again Lizbeth. You have a whole month to celebrate. In fact everyday is a birthday. Ireland !!! One of my favorite places…Adare ..Dingle Peninsula, Cork, Dublin…the Irish music…didnt have time for a trip to no ireland, but another time perhaps. We took a river cruise of the rhine from amstwrdam to basel switzerland with an ext stsy in zurich and a trip to the alps. So beautiful…felt Gods presence so much…thru His sure you all have to in your travels. Be blessed..
    Love and prayers sent your way!

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