Finger Talk

Within 10 minutes of embarking on our Big Trip, this happened.

IMG_0965 IMG_0964

While I was on the phone, and still sad from leaving my parents, I made a miscalculation.  I thought that I could one-handedly catch a box of books toppling off the top of our duffels from the back of our mini-van while continuing the phone conversation.  Oops.  OUCH.

A day and three states later, an x ray revealed multiple fractures.  That’s when this happened:



But this helped!


Nine days and ten states later we were relieved to learn that I did not need surgery.  Ideally, we would have hand therapy, but could continue on our trip.  Off with the finger sling!  Follow up with a surgeon in Germany.  No problem.  :0)

OK, it was a little problem, but we did it.  The German surgeon, who spoke fantastic English, confirmed that I didn’t need surgery. My fingers were healing correctly without surgery.  Hurray! I was concerned since my finger was dislocating at the joint when I carried a sauce pan.  He said, “Don’t do that.”  So I’m trying not to.

Here’s how far I can close my hand now.

Trying to close my hand

They still hurt and I can’t really lift with my right hand, but they are improving every day.


6 thoughts on “Finger Talk”

  1. Yum. Chips and salsa CAN help take the edge off … and so can that Mexican Gatorade. But watch out it kinda makes you dizzy.
    Glad to hear you are healing ok. We are enjoying the journey through you guys!

  2. Lisa…if I hadn’t seen a part of this story I would bet that the finger breakage was due to a little too much tequila and a misadventure. I can attest to our blog audience, however, that the margarita was just to take the edge off after a rough urgent care visit. I’d like a follow up to this blog thread when you can perform shadow puppets with your hand and fingers. Keep working on it.

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